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Page 81

Chapter 9

Bait: Getting Your Bona Fides in Order

Using the right baitwhether it's fresh or frozen, alive or dead, pickled or freeze-driedis the most effective way to catch fish, if it is chosen correctly and used properly. There are many different types of baitsearthworms alone vary in size and color, for examplebut in this chapter I'll be covering basic bait types.

Some people are squeamish about putting bait, such as a minnow, on a hook. If you feel this way and want to flip directly to the chapter on lures, go ahead. (But if you feel funny about touching a worm, you'll be a riot when it's time to take a fish off the hook.)

In many cases, acquiring the bait on your own is an adventure in itself. On a trip to a nearby lake last year, my son and I scared up a bunch of grasshoppers while walking

Fish Recipes

Fish Recipes

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