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  • fiLj'J Some hooks, cspccially those designed for use in salt water, are made of stainless steel, and resist corrosion much belter than standard (non-stainless) steel hooks. There are two differing views on stainless hooks. One is that because they arc strong, they are less apt to break as they age, as is true with standard hooks. And although stainless hooks cost a bit more, they don't need to be replaced as often. The opposing viewpoint is that because stainless hooks take a very long time to dccomposc, any fish that breaks the line with a stainless hook in its throat may have difficulty surviving,

Bccause many species of fish must be of a certain size to he kept, many undersized fish must be released. If a fish has swallowed the hook, the fish stands a much better chance of surviving if the angler simply cuts the line close to the fish's mouth and drops the fish back in the water as soon as possible, instead of holding it and diflgin^ into its throat, trying to remove a deeply embedded hook. If the hook is stain less, however, the fish's chance of survival are diminished,

The Least You Need to Know

Hooks must be kept sharp, and the angler must set the hook properly and keep a tight line to bring in the fish.

The higher the number, the smaller the hook, except when a zero follows the number, in which case the opposite is true. Some hooks have features, such as its length or extra barbs, for specific applications.

There is no one best size of hook for certain fish and situations. But there are preferred size ranges, and fishermen should carry a good assortment of hooks.

Fish Recipes

Fish Recipes

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