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Monofilament: One with Nylon

The most common and popular fishing line on the market is nylon monofilament. This line has been around for more than 50 years, and the mono of today is better than ever. The angler has a lot of choices, too: mono in clear, whites, greens, blues, and fluorescents; extra-tough, extra-supple, or extra-thin; in all pound-test classifications and lengths.

-, Loose Lines fl^M What's the best color of monofilament to use? I like to use clear or l"J ^ white-translucent line, but some fishermen prefer blue or ^reen translucent^, whichever 1 letter matches the color of Lhc water they'll be fishing. Manufacturers do run underwater visibility tests, so it's doubtful j that you'll end up using a line that ¬°ish will readily see. One advantage of tinted J ine ( is that you can easily see it above the water, so you know where your lure or bait is. \ and can watch the line for a light take from a fish.

Monofilament is easy to handle. It casts well and is easy to tie knots in, because it is somewhat stiff (compared to, say, sewing thread). Mono can be used on spinning, spincasting, baitcasting, and conventional reels. It's translucent and becomes nearly invisible underwater. Because mono stretches, it excels at absorbing energy. This can be an advantage, such as when setting the hook on a very large fish; if the line didn't stretch, it would be possible to break the line, or even the fishing rod. Mono is also relatively inexpensive.

Monofilament's detractions include, ironically, its stretch when wet, which translates into decreased sensitivity, especially if you have a lot of line out. This means that mono is not a good choice when fishing at great depths for deep-water species. It also has memory, which means that it tends to spiral or coil when not under tension, displaying its placement on the reel spool (it looks a bit like a Slinky). It can also absorb some water, which may cause knots to loosen. Heat and sunlight can also weaken monofilament.

You should replace monofilament lines on fishing reels at least every season, more often if you fish a lot. Those memory coils can turn into kinks over time, and abrasions from rubbing against rocks, docks, boat gunwales, and other objects can cause them to break, always at the most

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