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However, the ability to use that feel is what gives baitcasters such an advantage. When all goes right, you'll be able to drop a lure or bait exactly where you want it. Some accomplished baitcasters can feather in a cast so softly that the lure barely makes a splash as it enters the water.

While you're practicing your baitcasting, you will create some backlashes (not might create, will create), or tangles of line at the reel. Even the most experienced fishermen will experience the occasional professional overrun, as the euphemism goes. Remember that backlashes are caused by the spool spinning at a speed faster than the speed of the lure as it is cast, and are often caused by conditions that the angler can remedy:

The most common reason for a backlash is an improperly adjusted spool brake. Remember to adjust the brake every time you change to a lure of a different weight.

If you don't apply enough pressure with your thumb, the spool will continue to spin. Try overcompensating.

Using too light a lure for the line (or too heavy a line for the lure) will create a backlash, as the lure will lose momentum quickly. Switch to a heavier lure.

Casting into a strong wind will retard the lure's flight. Cast in a different direction or wait for a lull in the wind.

If you get a backlash, put the reel in freespool, then pull the loops of line out slowly, one at time, until all are clear. Then reel in the slack line under tension and try again.

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