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Chapter 6

How to Cast with the Perfect Pair

In This Chapter

> Push a button, catch a fish

> Spinning around

> Conventional (reel) wisdom

One day earlier this year, my son Joey and I went to fish a tiny pond in a nearby park late in the afternoon. We were figuring on catching some catfish, so we baited up with worms and cast out. We had just missed one hit about half an hour later when a young boy showed up with his mother in tow. He was carrying a brand-new spincasting outfit that had a huge shiny lure tied to the end of the line. He walked over to us on the bank, asked if we had caught anything, and proceeded to cast. His first attempt put the lure back on the bushes behind him. His second cast left the rod tip sideways, so his lure flew right over both of our lines. On his third castat this point, after I had untangled the three lines, I was keeping a wary eye on himthe lure zoomed a safe 10 inches or so past my face and hit the ground at Joey's feet. I glanced at the boy's mother, who was looking at a book, oblivious to her son's actions.

Hey, Joey, the fish aren't biting, I said. Want to go get some ice cream?

Okay, he agreed. Even his four-year-old mind was able to register the futility of it all.

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