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> R^el operating principles

> The all-important click

> When a drag can save you from losing a fish

A fishing rod without a reel is pretty much an expensive stick, because without a reeland except when flyfishingit would be very difficult to cast a lure or bait any reasonable distance. This is not a new concept, as reels have been in use for centuries, with the first written reference of a fishing reel appearing in the 17th century, and depicted in drawings as far back as the 13th century. Some sources indicate use of a fishing reel as far back as the 3rd century.

Reels back then were simply devices to hold excess fishing line. That is still true today, although reels serve many other important purposes as wellsome so important that they have permanently altered, and tremendously improved, the practicality of the sport itself. This chapter explains why.

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Fish Recipes

Fish Recipes

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