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Kod Model

Rod Length Rod Weight

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So, how do you decide which rod weight is right for you? It's difficult to pinpoint one exact weight for each species and fishing style, but there are some guidelines you can follow. First, though, it's important to note that many manufacturers make it easy to pick the right size of rod, because they classify their rods according to the species they are sized for. Many manufacturer and mail-order catalogs have charts that help you narrow down the field. if you're at a tackle shop, the sales help should have catalogs available for this purpose (it's a simple matter of checking the rod model number against a master list). One rod manufacturer, G. Loomis, has cross-reference classifications for 20 different freshwater and saltwater species. Fenwick, another manufacturer, organizes many of their rods via a species class, making selection even simpler. This is important to the beginning angler because a medium-weight panfish rod is nowhere near as powerful as, say, a medium-weight bass rod. (You eventually will develop a feel for rods and you won't have to rely on catalogs and sales help. Just seeing and holding the rod will tell you plenty.)

Again, to choose the right weight, you have to know the general size of the fish you're going after, and, just as important, the size of the bait or lures you'll be using. Because the largemouth bass is the most popular freshwater species in the United States, Table 4.2 gives some theoretical spinning-rod weights for that fish using particular lures (by weight) as an example.

Table 4.2 Example Spinning-Rod Weights for Bass

Rod Weight Lure Weight (Oz.) Bass Size (Lbs.)

Medium light 1/83/8 12

Medium H5/8 24

Medium heavy 3/81 48

Heavy 8 and higher

So, if you will be fishing small lakes, where the average bass weighs only a pound or two, and you'll be using small lures, go with the medium light-weight rod. But if you'll be

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