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Chapter 4

Don't Spare the Rod.

You need a fishing rod for two basic reasons: first, to be able to put your lure or bait into water farther away than where you are standing; and second, so that a fish doesn't break your fishing line. Rods must be able to bend when casting and when reeling in a fish, so that the spring-like action of the rod allows the fisherman to impart more velocity to the lure (it's the same principle as someone bouncing on a trampoline). Also, the bend of the rod allows a fish to surge, dive, and run when hooked without breaking the line, like a car's springs absorbing shock when driving on a rutted road. Rods also provide many other advantagesamong them the abilities to fish with extremely lightweight lures and baits, attach a fishing reel to hold line, keep the line taut to feel a fish take the bait or lure, set the hook firmly, and prevent the fish from throwing the hook. Given a rod's benefits, fishing with a line alone, while possible, puts the fisherman at a tremendous disadvantage.

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