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Rods, reels, line, hooks, lures, bait: These make up the heart of fishing tackle, and to someone who is not familiar with all the various sizes, qualities, and applications of each, the task of assembling a proper combination for a particular style offishing can be frustrating indeed. Walk into a tackle shop and you'll see an army of fishing rods, reels of all sizes stacked in counter displays, racks of line, boxes of hooks, and enough lures and bait to catch seemingly every fish in the ocean. And what about those sinkers and floats, wires and pliers, buckets, boxes, and nets? Where to begin? Where does it end? Hmmmwasn't fillet of sole on sale at the grocery store?

Don't worry about the huge selection. If you know where you'll be fishing, and what species you are likely to encounter there, you'll be able to eliminate about 80 percent of the merchandise in front of you. And knowing the basics of each type of equipment will help you narrow down your selection even further. After that, it's a matter of individual need and price. This part of the book will walk you through the entire process. (Besides, the sole is probably spoiled anyway.)

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