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26 Sense and Safety On the Water

Recommendations on footwear, waders, clothing, and sun and insect protection. 263

27 In the Pan or On the Wall?

Easy ways to clean and cook your fishand advice on getting one mounted. 273

28 Hello, Warden

A short course in licenses and basic laws and regulations. 285

Appendix A State Fish and Game Departments

Addresses and phone numbers for agencies across the country. 291

Appendix B Freshwater and Saltwater Record Fish

The biggest ones ever caught! 295

Appendix C Terms and Definitions

A guide to fishing vocabulary. 301

Appendix D Species and Resource Guide

Descriptions of common freshwater fish, plus recommended books, magazines, and tackle suppliers. 305

Index 321

Fish Recipes

Fish Recipes

This is a great collection of delicious fish and shell fish recipes that you will love.

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