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of the frog and its vibrations trigger Hal into movement. He rises to near the surface, studies the frog for a few seconds, and with one powerful burst shoots up and out of the water, grabbing the frog in his mouth in the process. He swims back down and swallows the frog, again headfirst.

Minutes later something splashes down on the water in almost the same place where Hal captured the frog. Again, Hal is triggered into movement, but as he rises near the object, it moves in a most unfroglike manner, moving way too fast through the pads, at one point sticking to a pad stem and making it quiver and shake. Hal moves quickly away from the object disturbing the environment and leaves the lily pads altogether, dropping down to the bottom of the cove.

The fisherman standing on shore yanks on his fishing rod, eventually disentangling his lure from the weeds, reels up, and casts again elsewhere.

The sun sets. That night Hal moves around the cove again, searching for shiners and other small fish. A cricket falls into the water just inches from the shoreline and Hal, being only a few feet away, blasts into the shallows to eat it. Later, a field mouse swims across the water and Hal rises up, studying the rodent. But suddenly a bass nearly twice as big as Hal appears from the other side of the cove and engulfs the mouse in a shower of spray. Hal moves off, and as the light from the early morning sun hits the water, goes back to the refuge of the lily pads.

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