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Chapter 3 How Fish Work

In This Chapter

> Life from a fish-eye view

> Why you shouldn't feel squeamish about the whole thing

> Dirty water, diity fish?

Considering the fact that civilized humanshumans at least bright enough to seek shelter in caveshave been on Earth for 50,000 to 100,000 years, you might think we'd have this business of fishing down pat. Fish do have the advantage of time, though, because they've been around for an estimated 400 million years. On the other hand, they still have a brain about the size of a pea. And it's not much of one, being pretty much an enlargement of the spinal cord.

Ironically, that itself is a clue as to why catching a fish isn't a simple and straightforward process. Fish are slaves of their senses; they don't ponder abstracts and permutations like humans do, they react to various stimuli. If you've ever been around a four-year-old when he or she hears the jingle of a nearby ice-cream truck, you've already grasped this concept. Also, the stimuli that fish react to are very different from those that you and I react to (and I refuse to write a simile or metaphor about that, because fishing is a wholesome

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Fish Recipes

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