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of trout season and throughout the spring. Many states list trout-stocked waters in their compendium of fishing rules and regulations, and the outdoor columns of many newspapers provide details on the number of trout being released into particular waters on certain days.

If It's Convenient and Accessible, It's (Probably) Not That Good

Even if you've never fished before, you've probably seen people fishing: from the side of a bridge spanning a picturesque creek, in a man-made pond in the middle of an office park, or on a beach a short distance from swimmers and sunbathers. Now think:

How often have you seen any of these people actually catch anything of substance?

Probably not very often, because one problem with convenient and accessible waters is that so many anglers know about them. Finding a good place to fish is not necessarily akin to finding a good diner, where a lot of 18-wheelers parked outside is an indication of decent fare (although some exceptions exist, especially with some species of saltwater fish that school up in specific areas at certain times of the year). Besides the fact that fish are sensitive to changes in their environment, any body of water that receives a lot of fishing pressurepeople constantly walking the banks, lures and baits constantly plopping into the water, boats drifting or motoring back and forthcan actually alter the habits of the fish. Intense fishing pressure often causes fish to become exclusive nocturnal feeders; that is, instead of feeding throughout the day (especially at and near dawn and dusk), the fish will seek seclusion during the day and not feed at all, saving all their energy for nighttime activity.

Fish Recipes

Fish Recipes

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