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So Much Water, So Few Fish

To begin your search, first narrow down your possibilities. Don't focus so much on finding a great place to fish (that will come later) as finding one that isn't far from homewithin walking distance or a short car ride away.

This is important because many basic fishing skillsreading the stream or lake, setting the hook, playing the fishcan only be practiced on the water. Also, as an extremely general rule, fish are more active early in the morning and late in the day, when the sun is not shining directly on the water. For now, the less time spent getting there and the more time there, the better.

When you're just beginning to learn to fish, pick a small body of water rather than a large one. A one-acre pond, for instance, is basically a 1,000-acre lake in miniature. Various types of shoreline, submerged drop-offs and humps, vegetation, and varying temperature zones are all there, only in scaled-down form and thus much easier to identify. The same is true with fishing a creek instead of a river, or a back bay instead of the ocean: There's less water to fish, which makes navigation easier and simplifies the process of narrowing down likely areas to focus on.

However, don't pick too small a body of water. If you decide to fish a brook that's narrow enough to jump across, or a pond so small that you can easily cast across it to the opposite bank, you stand a very good chance of scaring or spooking the fish before you even begin fishing. Most fish are extremely sensitive to abrupt changes in their environment, such as vibrations from heavy footfalls on the shoreline, or shadows suddenly appearing or moving across the bottom. Even an ill-placed cast can send fish scurrying into hiding, where they'll remain for an hour or longer without feeding or moving. Fishing small waters requires extra patience, a good degree of stealth, and an ability to accurately cast a bait or lure when standing well back from the bank or shoreline. (Even many otherwise experienced anglers don't know how to fish small waters effectively.) The first-timer needs a wide and forgiving margin of error.

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