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That's why only 10 percent of all fishermen catch 90 percent of all fish caught. This is not an original statementI've heard it repeated ever since I was old enough to understand itand I know of no survey proving the numbers. But I've witnessed its truth many times, and so can you. Drive to a popular fishing area right now and you'll see an assortment of anglers. I guarantee that at least one of the fishermen would not be fishing right at the moment. He or she would be gazing around, talking to another fisherman or half-heartedly fumbling with tackle. At least a couple more anglers would be actively fishing but casting to the wrong place, fishing with the wrong bait or lure, or even using the wrong rod-and-reel outfit for the conditions. At least one of them might have it all correctfocusing on the water, using the right equipmentbut the line on his or her reel is weakened because it hasn't been replaced in three years, and the knot he or she tied is more granny than good, and what is that grinding sound coming from the reel, anyway? What's more, all the people you would see there could very well be fishing at the wrong time of day, during the wrong tide, or even during the wrong time of year.

Like many pursuits, fishing is easy to initiate but not so easy to do well. Just realizing how much goes into successful fishing will make you a better fisherman even before you make your very first cast.

The Least You Need to Know

There are numerous types and styles of fishing, all with varying venues to pursue different types of fish. Billions of dollars are spent annually on fishing, by approximately 50 million fishermen. It costs less than $100 to assemble rudimentary fishing tackle.

The you get what you pay for philosophy applies to fishing tackle. Avoid low-end prices.

Fishing is an easy sport to take up, but it's not so easy to become proficient at it. The sport offers numerous rewards, but the primary onecatching fishrequires focus, experience, and knowledge.

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