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A number of mail-order houses specialize in fishing tackle, and their prices are competitive, usually beating those at local tackle shops. But be aware of two caveats if you're considering buying an outfit over the phone:

Looking at a photograph of and reading the catalog copy about a particular rod or reel doesn't provide that all-important feel of it. One rod labeled light action may be similar to a medium action rod by another manufacturer, and you can't compare rod actions by looking at a glossy catalog page.

The cost of shipping (not to mention the risk) may negate any potential savings.

Why Only 10 Percent of Fishermen Catch 90 Percent of the Fish

The primary objective of fishing is to catch fish, but the actual enjoyment of the sport stems from many of its aspects. Just standing in front of a cold, gurgling brook, rowing across a glass-still pond at dawn, or riding the ocean swells on a sportfishing boat on the way to the fishing area provides enough enjoyment for many people; actually catching a fish while they're enjoying the scenery is nice but not necessary. For others, getting away from it all (whatever it may be) is enough reason to grab a rod and find some water. Camaraderie (or solitude), getting some sun, and an excuse for having a picnic are all reason enough for plenty of people to go fishing.

Well, that's not good enough for meand, we can assume since you've read this far, not for you either. Granted, I love the outdoors, and one of my favorite moments on a fishing trip is arriving at a lake, stream, or dock in the half-light of dawn, witnessing the creation of a new day. But I'm there to catch fishor at least attempt to. That's my primary goal. Many fishermen hit the water with hopes that they'll catch fish, but either they don't consider it a serious pursuit or they don't know enough about the sport itself. The vast majority of these types of fishermen go home empty-handed.

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