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Spinnerbait A lure consisting of a wire with a loop in its middle and the arms bent into a V-shape. At the end of the top arm is a spinner blade, like the kind found on spinners, attached to the arm via a swivel, which allows the blade to rotate freely. At the end of the bottom arm is a hook, usually with a lead head for weight and adorned with a skirt or some other fish-attracting device. Fishing line is tied to the loop. It is also called a hairpin lure.

Split shot Small, round lead sinkers with a slot cut about halfway through them which allows them to be pinched onto fishing line.

Spoon A thin, rounded metal fishing lure. Spoons are also called wobblers for their side-to-side movement in the water when retrieved.

Stand-up fishing Playing a large gamefish while standing instead of strapped into a fighting chair. The angler wears a belt harness with a gimbal that holds the rod butt. Some anglers feel that stand-up is more sporting; others believe it's a more effective technique to wear a fish down because you can move about the boat to apply leverage on the fish.

Streamer A fly that imitates a baitfish.

Terminal tackle Fishing-line accessories, such as sinkers, snaps, swivels, snap-swivels, and bobbers.

Terrestrial A life form that lives on or in the ground (terra firma) instead of in the water; and a fly that imitates such a life form.

Tippet The end or last section of a flyfishing leader, to which the fly is tied. Wading staff A pole used by some wading anglers to negotiate swift currents.

Wet fly A fly designed to be fished beneath the surface. Wet flies imitate drowned or drowning insects, insects hatching from their nymphal stage and rising to the surface, egg-laying insects, or small baitfish.

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