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Catadromous fish Fish that migrate from freshwater rivers to oceans in order to spawn.

Catch and release A term for a body of water where no fish caught there may be kept; or the practice of releasing all fish caught.

Charter boat A craft that can be rented by one or more anglers to fish for one day to one month or more. Crankbait A plug that dives relatively deeply.

Creel A wicker or canvas container for storing and carrying tackle and fish that is worn by an angler via a harness.

Drag (1) The action of a fly drifting on or through the water faster than the current in which it is drifting.

Drag (2) A device on a fishing reel that slows the outward flow of line when the reel is in gear.

Dry fly A fly that floats on the surface of the water. Dry flies imitate mayflies, stoneflies, caddisflies, craneflies, mosquitoes, and midges.

Fishfinder A general term for a sonar unit that displays fish as well as bottom contours on paper or a video screen. Also called a depth finder or chart recorder.

Fishing lure Any inanimate object that imitates something that fish eat and has hooks in order to catch a fish.

Fly A lure consisting of various materialswool, chenille, fur, hair, feathers, tinsel, and otherstied to a hook that imitates an insect, worm, fish egg, baitfish, or some other organism that fish eat; typically fished on a fly rod.

Foul-hooked fish A fish that is hooked anywhere besides the mouththe body, gill, or tail. Sometimes fish hit a lure or bait so explosively that they don't get it in their mouth, but manage to hook themselves anyway.

Gaff A pole with a large, sharp hook at one end, used to bring large fish over the side of a boat.

Inshore fishing Angling that takes place in the ocean close to or within sight of land.

Jig A lure consisting of a hook with a ball of lead behind the eye. It's usually painted, and hair or feathers is sometimes tied to the hook shank for added attraction to fish.

Leader Tapered line tied to the end of a fly line.

Levelwind A device on certain baitcasting reels that distributes the line evenly along the length of the spool when the handle is turned. Sometimes a reel with such a device is referred to as a levelwind.

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