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Anadromous fish Fish that migrate from the ocean to freshwater rivers to spawn. Various species of salmon that have been transplanted to the Great Lakes still exhibit this behavior, moving from the lake to a tributary to spawn.

Angler One who fishes (derived from the Sanskrit word anka, meaning bend, referring to a curved fishhook).

Backing Cord-like line that goes onto a fly reel before the actual fly line. It serves to fill the reel to capacity, which makes the fly line easier to reel in, and, in case you hook a large fish, acts as insurance in case the fish takes a long run when you already have a lot of line out.

Barb A small, sharp protrusion below the point of a fishhook that keeps the hook embedded in a fish.

Barbless hook A hook without a barb. Although barbless hooks don't hold as well as barbed versions, some fishermensuch as those who intend to release all the fish they catchprefer them because they are easier to remove from a fish. These are required on some regulated catch-and-release waters.

Bass bugs Fly-rod lures that imitate frogs, mice, and other rodents, and large insects such as bees and dragonflies.

Blank-through handles A feature on modern fishing rods on which the rod blank, or shaft, extends all the way down through the handle. This provides for more sensitivity when holding the rod, because vibrations caused by a fish hitting a bait are more easily felt by the angler.

Brackish waters Those areas of rivers and creeks that contain salt, but are not as salty as ocean water. Frequently, both freshwater and saltwater species inhabit brackish waters, which also usually exhibit some tidal influence.

Buzzbait A lure similar to a spinnerbait except for a propeller-type device on the upper arm instead of a spinner blade. The upper arm, which is bent so that it is parallel to the bottom arm, passes through the center of the flashy propeller blades, which rotate very quickly when retrieved.

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