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The following is a partial listing of the largest fish caught with a rod and reelknown as all-tackle recordsas recorded by the International Game Fish Association (1301 East Atlantic Blvd., Pompano Beach, FL 33060; 954/941-3474). Contact the IGFA for comprehensive listings, updates of records, and details on how to submit a fish for record entry.

Barracuda, great, 85 lb., Christmas Island, Rep. of Kiribati, April 11, 1992, John W. Helfrich Bass, black sea, 9 lb. 8 oz., Rudee Inlet, Virginia Beach, Virginia USA, Jan. 9, 1987, Joe Mizelle, Jr. Bass, black sea, 9 lb. 8 oz., Virginia Beach, Virginia USA, Dec. 22, 1990, Jack G. Stallings, Jr. Bass, giant sea, 563 lb. 8 oz., Anacapa Island, California USA, Aug. 20, 1968, James D. McAdam, Jr. Bass, largemouth, 22 lb. 4 oz., Montgomery Lake, Georgia USA, June 2, 1932, George W. Perry Bass, rock, 3 lb., York River, Ontario, Canada, Aug. 1, 1974, Peter Gulgin

Bass, smallmouth, 11 lb. 15 oz., Dale Hollow Lake, Kentucky USA, July 9, 1955, David L. Hayes

Bass, spotted, 9 lb. 7 oz., Pine Flat Lake, California USA, Feb. 25, 1994, Bob E. Shelton

Bass, striped, 78 lb. 8 oz., Atlantic City, New Jersey USA, Sept. 21, 1982, Albert R. McReynolds

Bass, striped (landlocked), 67 lb. 8 oz., O'Neill Forebay, San Luis, California USA, May 7, 1992, Hank Ferguson

Bass, white, 6 lb. 13 oz., Lake Orange, Virginia USA, July 31, 1989, Ronald L. Sprouse Bluefish, 31 lb. 12 oz., Hatteras, North Carolina USA, Jan. 30, 1972, James M. Hussey

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