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I don't like to hide the taste of fish beneath a lot of pungent spices or creamy sauces. If it's fresh, there's no need. Besides, the budding fish chef should concentrate on cooking the fish properly rather than messing with time-consuming preparations. So the following recipesall of my favoritesand recommendations may seem simple, but all are guaranteed to please. As you progress, you may wish to check some of the hundreds of cookbooks now on the market that list thousands of different fish recipes.

Fried Fish Fillets

You can follow this recipe with any fillets that are less than half an inch thick (bass, walleyes, panfish, flounder, etc.). Because the size and number of fillets will vary, you'll have to judge exact amounts of ingredients for yourself:


12 eggs


Bread crumbs (Italian-flavored) or cornmeal Vegetable shortening or peanut oil

  1. Pat the fillets with a paper towel and coat them in flour. You can put the flour and fillets in a bag and shake them, or pour flour on a plate and roll them.
  2. Break one egg into a medium-size bowl and beat with a fork until consistent in color. Add about ^ cup milk and beat again.
  3. Pour bread crumbs onto a large plate and spread from edge to edge.
  4. Dip one fillet at a time into the egg-and-milk mixture until completely wet. Transfer immediately to the bread crumb plate and roll and press the fillet until completely coated. Stack fillets on a separate plate.
  5. In a large skillet on medium-high heat, melt enough vegetable shortening until the level is just beneath that of the thickness of your fillets. Continue heating until shimmery (it's ready when a tiny drop of water dances on the surface).
  6. Place the fillets gently into the pan. Turn when golden brown and fry other side. Place on rack or brown-bag paper to drain.
Fish Recipes

Fish Recipes

This is a great collection of delicious fish and shell fish recipes that you will love.

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