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Inshore fishing. Fishing from a boat in a bay, tidal river, or on the ocean within a mile or two of land. Offshore fishing. Fishing from a boat on the ocean that's well off the coast.

Within these general types are three basic styles of fishing, which are determined by the species you are after and/or the tackle you pursue them with:

  1. Baitfishing. Fishing with a live or dead organism on a hook, such as a worm or a minnow.
  2. Lure fishing. Fishing with a wood, plastic, or metal device that imitates or simulates something that fish eat.
  3. Flyfishing. Fishing with a fly rod using artificial flies, which resemble insects or other fish.

Later chapters will detail these styles of fishing, the tackle you need to do it with, and the type of fish you will catch.

Fishing is the second most popular form of recreation in the United States. The first is swimming (and the fact that people pursuing the second sometimes accidentally become involved in the first isn't reflected in surveys).

So how many anglers are out there, anyway? The exact number is impossible to determine, but recent studies indicate a large group indeed. A survey conducted by The Sports Market Research Group, Inc., a Boston-based research and consulting firm, showed an estimated 50 million anglers above five years of age in the lower 48 states in 1995. Of these, 69 percent, or 34.5 million, were male.

Figures from various other sources (the latest ones available) reveal more details about the popularity of fishing. For example:

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