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be its insulative qualities when fishing on a warm day; you'll sweat in them. Manufacturers still make uninsulated coated-nylon waders, typically called flyweight waders, for use in hot weather.

You can buy a pair of coated-nylon hip boots for less than $50. Neoprene waders range from $70 to $250, depending on the quality and the thickness of the neoprene. Wading shoes add another $50 to $100. This sounds like a lot of money until you accidentally step into a 50° trout stream while wearing your tennis shoes.

The Perfect Fishing Hat

The above line notwithstanding, I have yet to find one hat that works in all fishing situations. But I have settled on four for the time being.

The first one is a white cotton baseball cap with a long visor. Like most hats of this style, its crest is emblazoned with a logo. But the hat is perfect for fishing on warm, sunny days because the visor blocks the sun from my eyes, and its underside is dark green, which prevents glare. Its white outside doesn't absorb sunlight so it keeps my head cool, and the cloth hat band on the inside absorbs perspiration. Most hats of this nature have a plastic hat band, which is very uncomfortable in warm weather and leaves a red indentation across your forehead. The hat is adjusted with those cheap snap-together plastic tabs on the back, so it's not perfect. But it's the best I've found so far.

For fishing in cold weather I wear a wool watch cap (often called a ski hat). It's gray, to match the color of the sky in such weather. (On cold and sunny days, sometimes I'll wear it over a visored cap.) I can pull it down over my ears when the wind blows hard, and it keeps my head warm. Because you lose a lot of body heat through your head, a warm hat is essential on cold days.

The third hat is a standard-visor-size heavy cotton ball cap with a leather hat band. Its brown visor prevents glare, and the hat is adjustable via a small leather belt with buckle. I wear this hat for late spring and early fall fishing, as it keeps my head warm early and late in the day but isn't uncomfortable on mild afternoons.

Last is my billfisherman's cap, named for those offshore trollers who popularized it. The cotton hat's super-long visor and pull-down flap protects your face, ears, and neck from the sun, both direct and reflected from the water. Small ventilation holes let some air circulate around my head. I wear this hat whenever I'm fishing in tropical waters, where the sun is intense. I suppose I could wear this in lieu of the white ball capand it would

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Fish Recipes

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