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Tackle Boxes

Modern tackle boxes are like toolboxes on steroids. Made of impact-resistant, lightweight plastic, they feature individual compartments in various sizes to hold lures, hooks, sinkers, spools of line, and other equipment. They're much improved over older models, which were made of metal and squeaked, rusted easily (especially when used around salt water), and clanged on the bottom of a boat, scaring fish.

An older plastic but still popular design opens via a latch in the front, like a standard toolbox; or separates in half from the top (envision a huge rectangular oyster). Trays in the box, which can be slid out like dresser drawers or cantilevered open, hold the compartments. The size of the compartments can be adjusted on newer tackle boxes because the sides of each compartment are removable and can be fitted into various slots situated along the inside edges of each tray.

Other tackle boxes are simply plastic shells that hold stacks of utility boxes, which are flat and have a hinged lid on the top (somewhat like a jewelry box). These clear or translucent utility boxes also feature adjustable compartments. A benefit to this style is that the boxes can be used to store different types of tackle and can be labeled as such on their sideshooks, trout spinners, spoons, and so on. You'll know what's in each box just by glancing at it and won't have to pull all of them out or open each one to get what you want. This style also allows to you bring just one or two boxes on a short trip if you want to and leave the rest at home, thus lightening your load.

The most recent tackle-box design consists of a padded nylon case that holds an array of utility boxes. The outer shell repels water, opens via a zipper or a set of clasps, and is fitted with a strap, allowing you to carry it over your shoulder. Many of them have separate smaller compartments designed to hold reels, spools of line, or food and

Plastic tackle boxes can have compartments for individual lures and/or storage for utility boxes.

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