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gets most of the pressthe man-eater can weigh up to a tonmany other species grow to large sizes, hit readily, and offer superb sport, including blue, tiger, thresher, and hammerhead sharks. (And they're dangerous, too.) Sharks are found in all temperate, tropical, and subtropical waters around the world.

When going specifically for sharks, nearly all offshore anglers will chum from a drifting (though sometimes anchored) boat and set out two or three lines, baited with strip or whole baits, at different depths throughout the chum slick. Sharks will also hit trolled baits usually intended for other species.

Of all the sharks, the mako is probably the most prized, for both its fighting ability and its flesh. Makos, which range as far north as Massachusetts, make spectacular leaps when hooked, and rival swordfish as table fare. Unfortunately, the fishing pressure on the mako and some other shark species has resulted in a noticeable decline of large specimens, and many anglers now release all the sharks they catch.

While the previous fish are most frequently sought-after by big-game fishing boats, other, smaller species are often caught. Though these fish are sometimes considered secondary or incidental, many times they are equally prized.

Dolphin (the fish, not the mammal) inhabit tropical and subtropical waters worldwide and often hit trolled baits and lures intended for billfish. They average from 5 to 15 pounds but can reach weights in excess of 60 pounds. Their flesh is delicious; they fight long, hard, and acrobatically; and they have a striking blue, green, and yellow body; so most experienced anglers look forward to hooking some dolphin. These fish usually forage in small schools and will stay together even when one is hooked. Many fishermen stop the boat when one dolphin hits a trolled bait and have other anglers on board cast smaller baits or lures to the remaining school members. Dolphin frequently relate to floating debris or seaweed, making it possible to watch one or more dolphin speed out from under such flotsam to strike a trolled bait.

Other Species

a mamma!. Dolphin fish arc called mahi-mahi in Hawaii and in tony restaurants across the U.S., whore patrons might otherwise think they're about to be served a Flipper steak.

•J Don't confuse the dolphin fish with the bottlcnose dolphin, which is

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