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them for food.

Loose Lines

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Also called broadbill, the swordfish is found worldwide in temperate and tropical waters. It is readily identified by its dark brown or black back, fading to lighter shades along the sides. The dorsal fin is high and sickle-shaped, and the sword is quite long and flat compared to those of other billfish. Swordfish average 100 to 200 pounds, but some have been known to reach more than 1,000 pounds.

This species is much sought-after by commercial fishermen, who sell the meat. Anglers catch them by trolling baits and drifting live baits. Shy and selective feeders, swords are often spotted basking on the surface, and the boat must slowly and delicately present the bait to the fish without noise or surface disturbance. They're also caught at night on deep-fished baits.

The bluefin is the largest of all the tuna species, with giants reaching 1,000 pounds and more. (School bluefins average from 5 to about 70 pounds.) Its thick, double-tapered body resembles a giant football, explaining why school tuna are sometimes referred to as footballs. They are found worldwide in temperate and subtropical waters, ranging from the coast of Canada south to The Bahamas in the Atlantic. They're less common in the Pacific, seeming most abundant in waters around Catalina Island. They generally migrate northward as the water warms, reaching Nova Scotia waters in September.

Bluefins are among the most powerful and tenacious of big-game fish, putting up heated battles that may last for several hours. They are caught by chumming (both while drifting and anchored), baiting with cut or whole baits, and by trolling with whole fish and squid. Bluefin are popular food fish and now are subject to quotas for both commercial and sport fishermen.

Ever since Peter Benchley's Jaws debuted in book and movie form in the mid-1970s, sharks have been popular targets of fishermen in the U.S. Although the great white shark

Bluefin Tuna


Fish Recipes

Fish Recipes

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