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Jf pressure from other anglers, try to get there ai early in the morning as possible, before anyone else gets there. Then walk around a bit, away from those well-ivorn spots arid trails treated by fishermen. The combination of fishing at first light, in areas that aie lately cast to, may result in a strike from a fish bigger than you thought existed there,

Another reason that the beginning fisherman should avoid such high-popularity, low-result fishing areas: You probably aren't going to learn much about fish habits and habitat. Other anglers there could have beat the water to a froth with their casts and spooked every fish in the vicinity for the rest of the day. This means that you could be doing everything right and still not be catching anything. On less-frequented waters, you could at least guess at the reasons for your lack of successwrong bait or lure, wrong time of day, too windy. (The mark of an experienced fisherman is having a host of excuses, available at any time, for not catching anything.)

Fish Recipes

Fish Recipes

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