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The tight wiggle of a vibrating plug creates high-frequency sound waves that attract fish even in cool or murky water. Vibrating plugs work best for large-mouth, smallmouth and spotted bass; northern pike; wa11eyes; white bass and stripers.

Because most vibrating plugs sink rapidly, they are more versatile than crankbaits. Without changing lures, you can retrieve a1ong bottom in deep water, count down to suspended fish, or start retrieving immediately after the cast to catch fish near the surface. Vibrating plugs work well with a steady retrieve, but a darting retrieve varies the frequency of the vibrations and Tay trigger more strikes.

Vibrating plugs lack lips, so they are not as snag resistant as crankbaits. They work well in open water or a1ong the edges of weeds, brush or timber. But they snag easily in dense cover.

A vibrating plug is ideal for covering a 10t of water quickly. The narrow body has little wind or water resistance, so you can cast 1ong distances and retrieve rapidly. The shot pellets in models with rattle chambers increase casting distance even more.

For maximum wigg1e, attach a vibrating plug with a loop knot, never with a heavy leader or snap-swivel. A sensitive graphite or boron rod helps detect changes in the vibration that could signal a strike or indicate that the plug has become fouled.

Bayou Boogie Lure
VIBRATING PLUGS have an attachment eye on the back, causing the plug to run with its head angled down. Water pressure on the forehead produces the tight vibrating action. Vibrating plugs do not baye lips.
Sail Shark Fishing Lures

POPULAR VIBRATING PLUGS include: (l) SwimmingMinnow, (2) Bayou Boogie, (3) Water Gater, (4) Speck Minnow, (5) Super Sonic~ (6) Finn Mann (7)

Racket Shad~ (8) [email protected] Chico, (9) Sail Shark, (l0) whiz Bang~ (ll) Pinfish, (l2) Leroy Brown, (l3) Th'Spot~ (l4) Rat-L-Trap, (l5) Floatin' Rat-L-Trap.

Sail Shark Fishing Lures

FREE a snagged plug with a specially-designed alumi-USE a vibrating plug that floats for fishing around shal nium pole. Place your line inside the wire pigtail (inset).

low cover or for surface-schooling fish. Retrieve with Then, with the line tight, slide the pole down until the your rod tip low, alternately reeling to draw the lure pigtail hits the plug.

under the surface, then pausing so it floats back up.

Artificial Lure

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